Module 3. Polar and marine ecosystem: structure, functioning and vulnerability

Module Supervisors:

Dr. Irina Fedorova, Saint Petersburg State University, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

Prof. Dmitry Vlasov, Saint Petersburg State University


Prof. Ulrich Bathmann, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemuende



3.1. Biodiversity in marine and polar ecosystems; L, S

3.2. Biological oceanography of pelagic ecosystems, principles, examples, future scenarios and modelling; L, S

3.3. Biology and ecology of the seafloor fauna (benthos) of coastal and polar oceans; L, E

3.4. Introduction to the polar ecology and sea-ice ecology; L, S

3.5. Geoecology of Polar regions and impacts on ecosystem; L, S     

3.6. Biology and ecosystem modeling; L, S, P

3.7. Ecological regulation and utilization of marine natural resources in Polar regions; L, S, P

3.8. Geoecology of Arctic shelf seas and utilisation of marine natural resources in polar regions; L, S, E