POMOR and KÖPPEN Laboratory present the fifth public lecture in the frame of KÖPPEN International Seminar Series at the Saint Petersburg State University

The lecture

Phosphorus ( P ) – Soon a Limiting Factor for Food Production and Life?

will be given by Professor Dr. Bodo von Bodungen, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde, Germany,

on Wednesday, May 28 2014 at 17:00 at the Institute of Earth Sciences (V.O. 10th line 33/35, ground floor, Phoenix).

The element Phosphorus (P) is among Nitrogen (N) and Carbon ( C ) the most important nutrient for the growth of floral and faunal organisms and thus the production of organic matter on land and in the sea.  While there is an ample supply of N and C in the atmosphere - which are introduced to the biosphere by the processes of nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis – P comes from geological deposits, which are of marine origin, mostly stemming from marine sedimentary processes combined with marine transgressions over shallow lowering areas.  With the agricultural revolution in the late 19th century and particularly with industrial production of Ammonium from molecular N from the atmosphere with the Haber-Bosch-Procedure early in the 20th century the exploitation of the geological P-deposit increased with an ever growing use of fertilizer after World War II. 

The lecture will present:

-         brief chemistry of P, its role in organism `s metabolism;

-         the forming of phosphorites;

-         the mineral cycle of P;

-         locations of deposits and their P loads;

-          local and global consumption of P in fertilizer;

-         ideas on how to recycle P and to use it more efficiently.

Professor von Bodungen coordinates Module 5 Processes in the coastal zone and environmental management at the POMOR and holds lectures and seminars on Eutrophication, monitoring, assessment, coastal zone management.

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 *Vladimir Peter Köppen was a world famous meteorologist, climatologist and botanist who was exemplary for the highly successful scientific and academic exchange between Russia and Western Europe

** The “KÖPPEN International Seminar Series” will engage foreign scholars visiting the Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU) in the wider fields of geosciences and biology and offer a forum of scientific exchange between senior students and staff of SPbSU and the visiting scholars.