POMOR graduates gave talks at GEOMAR in Kiel

Graduates from three POMOR groups took part at two international workshops held at GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel:

  • at the 11th Workshop on Russian-German Cooperation: Laptev Sea System – The Transpolar System of the Arctic Ocean on 25-26 January 2016

with the following talks:

Mikhail Makhotin (POMOR I, 2002-2004) et al. Arctic Floating University aboard RV PROFESSOR MOLCHANOV in 2012-2014

Irina Kryukova (POMOR IV, 2009 -2011) et al. Phytoplankton communities in the Laptev Sea

Anastasia Zhuravleva (POMOR IV, 2009-2011) et al. The eastern Fram Strait as past gateway (MIS5) for Atlantic water advection into the Arctic Ocean

Aleksey Buinyi (POMOR VI, 2013-2015) et al. Investigation of wind-driven waves from moored instrumentation in the Laptev Sea

Mariia Petrova (POMOR VI, 2013-2015) et al. Neodymium isotopes and rare earth element distribution in the Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean

Anna Kudriavtseva (POMOR VI, 2013-2015)et al. Reconstruction of Late Quartenary paleoenvironment based on sediment cores from the Lomonosov Ridge

Ekaterina Ponomarenko (POMOR VI, 2013-2015) et al. Reconstruction of Late Quarternary Arctic Ocean sea-ice cover based on sedimentary records

  • at the workshop on Biogeochemical Studies in the Siberian Shelf Seas on 27-28 January 2016

with the talk Phytoplankton communities in the Laptev Sea given by Irina Kryukova

 POMOR graduates gave talks at GEOMAR in Kiel

Picture by Aleksei Buinyi