Return to Saint Petersburg State University

Published Date:

Saint Petersburg State University is your home university, and after your semester at the German partner universities is over you have to return to your home university. Please make sure that you return not later than March 31, 2021.

Directly after your return please fill in and sign your Return Application Form. Please scan the page of your passport with the stamp of the Russian border service showing when and where you crossed the border of the Russian Federation and submit both documents to your mobility coordinator.

Your mobility coordinator at the SPbU in 2021 is:

Mrs Tatyana Yakovleva


If you are going

  • to return to Russia, but not to Saint Petersburg
  • to return from Germany to your home country/city
  • to stay at the German universities longer in order to work on your master thesis

Please contact POMOR Secretariat pomor(at) and POMOR Coordination Office nkakhro(at) Please note that there are several steps to undertake to make it official.

If you are going to apply for a prolongation of your stay in Germany, please send a filled in application form with all confirmation letters to your mobility coordinator at the SPbU and in CC to POMOR Secretariat until March 1, 2021.

The application form was sent to all students by email.

IMPORTANT: Mrs. Tatyana Yakovleva, mobility coordinator at the SPbU, informed on March 12, 2021, that Non-Russian citizens cannot enter the Russian Federation at the moment according to the order No. 16.03.2020 N 635-р issued by the Russian Government. All POMOR students who cannot return to Russia at the moment will be contacted by Mrs. Yakovleva by e-mail.

Please consider the procedure of the recognition of academic achievements.