Bathmann, Ulrich

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bathmann 

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Full Professor Earth System Sciences, Rostock University and Director of Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde.

Prof. Dr. Bathmann is a Biological Oceanographer with expertise in Zooplankton and Marine Plankton Ecology, Biogeochemical Cycles and Earth System Sciences.

Most important memberships:
- Executive Board of the Leibniz Association and Chair of the Section E - Environmental Sciences
- Chair of the German Marine Research Consortium KDM
- Member of the EuroMarine Steering Committee
- Member of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, German Section (DIOC)
- Chair of the Leibniz Science Campus Phosphor Research, Rostock
- Member in the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM)

Important Projects:

2015-2023 P-Campus: Leibniz Science Campus Phosphor Research at the university of Rostock, pre proposal, phase I and phase II, Leibniz Association total of 6,9 M € (Research grants)

2013-2023 KÜNO (Dach I and II) 2 coordination projects, BMBF 1,945 T € (Research grants)

2013-2019 SECOS: 3 projects about the “The service of sediments in German coastal seas – evaluating the function of marine benthic systems in the context of human use – Service functions of the Baltic Sea” BMBF 2,5 M € (Research grants)


POMOR courses:

  • Biodiversity in marine and polar ecosystems
  • Biological oceanography of pelagic ecosystems, principles, examples, future scenarios and modeling

Curriculum vitae