Dullo, Wolf-Christian

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Prof. Dr. Wolf-Christian Dullo

dullo picGEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel

Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics


Born in 1954, Christian Dullo is a carbonate sedimentologist by graduate training and studied carbonate diagenesis in reef limestones with regard to porosity development for his PhD (University of Erlangen). This brought him in touch with living coral reefs, first around the Red Sea, then in the Caribbean and later in the Western Indian Ocean and Polynesia. At these sites, he studied also the climate variability recorded in coral skeletons during the last centuries and sea level changes of glacial / interglacial time scales using small submersibles, which paved his scientific way into paleooceanography. For this work Christian Dullo received the Leibniz award and was later appointed member of the Leopoldina, the oldest Academy of Science in the world. During the last two decades his focus shifted from tropical shallow water reefs to cold water coral reefs on continental margin settings applying state of the art underwater technologies, such as lander and crawler.


POMOR courses:

  • Hydrocarbon resources
  • Rules of good scientific practice

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