Formal application requirements

Published Date:

Needed documents

  • Personal application
  • ID
  • 2 Photographs 3*4 cm
  • Degree certificate
  • Medical attest, if applicable

→ Non-Russian citizens need as well:

  • Legalized  degree certificate with supplement
  • Certified translation of the  degree certificate
  • A copy of the Russian visa (purpose: study at the SPbU)
  • A copy of migration card
  • A signed copy of the «Rules of Stay in the Russian Federation for Non-Russian Citizens»

→ Non-Russian citizens applying for state funded study places have to submit the following documents:

  • Application for admission to an educational program of the appropriate level in the format established by the Admissions Committee (filled in upon registration for the Personal Account.
  • questionnaire for your participation in the competition filled in block letters and provided with a colour photo
  • A copy of your ID (your  passport should be valid for at least 18 months after the beginning of the planned study period)
  • A medical certificate on absence of contraindication against studying
  • A medical certificate on the absence of the HIV virus and AIDS
  • The original or a copy of your degree certificate with supplements
  • 4 Photographs 3*4 cm
  • Portfolio documents

Information for Non-Russian citizens applying for a state funded study is published here: 

All documents can be submitted personally, by mail or online.