Published Date:

Applicants (Russian citizens) recommended for enrolment / 18.08.2021

The list of Non-Russian citizens recommended for enrolment will be announced later

All selected students are enrolled at Saint Petersburg State University for the whole period of study. During the third term (winter semester) students are enrolled at Hamburg University and / or German partner universities.

Needed documents

  • Written application to be enrolled
  • Degree certificate (original)
  • Legalized Degree certificate if applicable
  • Enrolment consent form

Enrolment terms (according to https://abiturient.spbu.ru/priem/magistratura/2072):

August 9, 2021   Ranged list of applicants will be published 
August 16, 2021, 18:00 Moscow time  Written applications to be enrolled have to be submitted 
August 17, 2021 An order about enrolment will be released