Round timetable with the POMOR alumni

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The Round table and Get together with the POMOR alumni in the framework of the POMOR Orientation Days 2021 took place on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 online. This event with the POMOR Alumni club already has become a tradition and is a good welcome for the POMOR students to get to know POMOR graduates, to see which paths the graduates can choose, to ask questions and to network.

Dr. Evgenia Bazhenova (Fertoing) joined the meeting from Kalinigrad region where she is working at the moment and opened the meeting with the talk «Navigating through life as a geoscientist». She graduated from POMOR in 2009 and gave an overview about her scientific interests, the expeditions she participated in, and her broad working experience in Russia and abroad. She emphasized the advantages of the Lifelong Learning and admitted that she actually is a Lifelong Learner and enjoys it.

Vitaly Sharmar (Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS, Moscow) and Kirill Galustov (Saint Petersburg State University and RANEPA) graduated from POMOR in 2017 and shared their experience as PhD students. Vitaly gave an overview about the graduates destinations of their POMOR group and the expeditions he participated as a student and a PhD researcher.

Vladislav Onopko (Schlumberger) is one of those who continued his career in aт oil and gas company after his graduation from POMOR in 2017. He reported how he received a job offer from Schlumberger, what does working for such a big company mean, which career steps including training and field experience he had to undertake and what he is actually doing. At the moment, his work is located in Nefteyugansk.

Cynthia Sassenroth (Pisa University & German Aerospace Center) graduated from POMOR two years ago, in 2019, and she prepared for the POMOR Round table an exciting talk about the Mars exploration and her plans for the PhD thesis.

Two recent graduates, Nil Rodes I Llorens and Anastasia Ovchinnikova, motivated the students with their POMOR experience during the pandemic and encouraged them to be active and make the best out of these two exciting years at POMOR.

We thank all participants for this inspiring meeting!

Photos by N. Kakhro

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