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  • When does the academic year start? What are the term dates for the next academic year?

The academic year consists of two semesters. For POMOR students, the academic year at the Saint Petersburg State University runs from October to June (winter semester: October 1 – January 25; summer semester: February – September). The third semester spent at the German universities starts on October 1 and ends on March 31. The fourth term starts in April and ends in September. Please check the timeline here. Please see the academic calendar for further details.

Important: POMOR study terms are different than terms of other master programs at Saint Petersburg State University. You will start with your studies in October (not on September 1 as they usually do in Russia) and receive your Master in September/October two years later. That means that you most probably won’t be able to apply for a PhD position in Russia (the deadline is usually in August).

  • May I study part-time?

No, POMOR is a full-time master program.

  • In which university will I be enrolled?

You will be enrolled in Saint Petersburg State University during the complete duration of the master program (2 years). During the 3rd term, you will be additionally enrolled in Hamburg University / Bremen University, Kiel University, Potsdam University.