How much does it cost to study POMOR?

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  • State funded study places and study places with a tuition fee

Saint Petersburg State University decides every year how many study places will be available for each program. In 2021, POMOR offers 10 state funded study places for Russian citizens and 5 study places with a tuition fee. Non-Russian citizens can apply for a Russian Government Scholarship. Please check the website of the Admission Commission for further details. 

  • What about the semester in Germany? How much does it cost?

In general, there are no tuition fees at the German partner universities Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel and Potsdam. Students only have to pay a semester fee (around 350 EUR per semester depending on the university including the semester ticket which allows you to take public transportation in the coverage area).

Nevertheless, you have to prove that you have enough money to spend one semester in Germany and to receive a student visa for Germany. In 2020, 861 € monthly were necessary to apply for a national visa for Germany. This amount of money is necessary to cover living costs in Germany.

According to the Agreement between Saint Petersburg State University and Hamburg University concerning the Master program Polar and Marine Sciences POMOR, students have to cover all costs for their semester in Germany by themselves (§ 7). Depending on the budget situation, scholarship support might be possible.