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  • Does POMOR run an English language course?

Yes. Students are offered an intensive English course in the beginning of the first semester.

  • Does POMOR run a Russian language course for non-Russian speaking students?

No, but Saint Petersburg State University offers Russian language courses for students. Please find more information about the learning Russian opportunities here.

  • Who teaches at POMOR?

All lectures and seminars given in Saint Petersburg are held by Russian and German lecturers. Please find the complete list in the website section People / Academic staff

Lecturers from Germany travel to Saint Petersburg for a couple of days only, they give block courses.

Please find the lecturers from the German partner universities Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel and Bremen on the websites of the partner master programs there

  • I want to take part in an expedition to the Arctic. Is it possible with POMOR?

POMOR doesn’t organize any expeditions, because it’s an educational program. Anyway, our students often participate in expeditions during their field practice. Field practice is a compulsory part of the POMOR curriculum. Please find more details here

  • Where do POMOR students go for their field practice?

It depends on the scientific interests of our students. We don’t have any constant places where our students must complete their field practice. We try to include them into current Russian-German and international research projects so that they can join an expedition, work in a lab, dive into science and research work during their studies. We encourage students to look for opportunities. Saint Petersburg State University recognizes internships and field practices spent at the partner organizations if all criteria are met. In some years, we organize a group field practice as well. Please find the list of field practice places since 2008 here

  • How can I decide where to spend the semester abroad?

POMOR students can choose between 4 universities in Germany – Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel and Potsdam. Each university offers one English-speaking master program for POMOR students. All master programs where POMOR students can be enrolled in are listed here

  • When should I start to write on my master thesis? How can I find a supervisor and a topic?

The master thesis has to be written, submitted and defended during the 4th term. Students choose a topic according to their scientific interests and find a supervisor among the lecturers or scientists from the partner universities and research organizations. Some students understand in which direction to go in the master thesis while working on their Student Project during the 3rd term. If you know what you would like to do in your master thesis, but have difficulties finding a supervisor, please contact POMOR scientific advisors.

You can find the complete list of the master thesis topics in the section People / Alumni.

  • How will my degree certificate look like?

POMOR is a dual degree program. That means that all students who complete their studies successfully will be awarded two degrees: Master degree of Saint Petersburg State University and Master of Sciences of Hamburg University. The Russian degree certificate is issued in Russian and translated into English. It consists of Diploma and Transcript of Records. The German degree certificate is issued in German and translated into English. It consists of Degree Certificate, Examination Certificate, Diploma Supplement and Transcript of Records.