Field practice



Field practice is a compulsory part of POMOR curriculum; it usually takes place between the 2nd and the 3d term.  We try to enable the student to participate in international expeditions to the Arctic or to get an internship at well-respected Russian and German research organizations.

Field practice takes from 2 up to 6 weeks and is supervised by researchers from POMOR partner universities and organizations.

After finishing their field practice, students are supposed to submit a written practice report and to present their results during the POMOR student conference that usually takes place in December at GEOMAR in Kiel.


Field practice places 2008-2018: an overview

Field practice 2020

The field practice season 2020 could not take place in the common way because of the pandemic. Students completed their practice online, the fewest of them could participate in expeditions and excursions carried out by Saint Petersburg State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Hamburg University. Six students completed a lab practice at the Otto Schmidt Laboratory.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, we cannot carry out the additional field practice in Germany that we scheduled for March 2021.

Field practice report: Requirements

The report is to be written in English and it has to contain:

  • The title of your field practice (focus of the scientific work performed by you during the field practice)
  • The name of your supervisor and the supervising institution
  • Field practice duration .

The report has to be structured, e.g.

  • Introduction
  • Main responsibilities
  • Methods
  • Results

Format requirements:

Arial 11, single spacing:

  • Title of your field practice
  • Student’s name
  • Text

Arial 9, single spacing:

  • Your supervisor
  • Practice duration

Please do not forget to label the figures.

Please find a blank pre-formatted sheet here

Please name your report: YourName_Field practice report_year.doc

POMOR student conference: Requirements

  • Scientific PPT presentation
  • 8 slides
  • Clear structure

The POMOR student conference 2020 will not take place due to the pandemic situation.

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